Why musicians HATE TV talent shows


Shows such as X-Factor and The Voice have exploded in popularity over the past decade. These shows bring in millions of dollars in ad revenue for television stations. The format is nothing new. We have had television talent shows since before Ed McMahon presented STAR SEARCH in the 80’s. So what is different now and why do so many artists have such a disdain for the new talent shows?

When it comes to established musicians of all types, the reality is that many of them are focused on the artistry of music. Established musicians have a very beautiful personal relationship to their musical art, and they take it very seriously. Training on a consistent basis, practicing as much as possible, and living their music day in and day out is just the name of the game for established musicians. A true artist does it for the love and not the money.


The problem with TV talent shows that have been popular for some time now is that these shows tend to create “musicians” out of thin air. In a way, these TV talent shows have lessened the effect of the struggle that it takes to create great music, and they have put it on a pedestal for anyone with a the right sob story and look to feel that they have the right to be taken seriously. This lessens the great struggle that many established musicians have dedicated to their art, and these shows can make established musicians, who have focused on creating amazing music for so many years, lose respect for the direction of the music industry. This, and for many other reasons, are why established musicians tend to hate TV talent shows.

While the public is getting caught up in the fact that the contest’s Mom’s last dying wish was them to become famous, the TV stations are making millions. The public is led to believe that the judges are trying to find talent. My question is why don’t the judges just take these people on tour?? I have a few clients that have been featured on these shows and when you understand what goes on behind the scenes you realize that this is just about making money.

While the public is hooting and hollering for their next big “musical star” on TV, established musicians are slowly losing their spirit to create great music, because according to these TV talent shows, the art of “real” music seems lost on the public, and according to these TV talent shows, no one even cares if a “musician” wrote their own music, or even if they can play any instruments at all. The entire idea of TV talent shows is a sham to many established musicians because they realize the hard work it takes to create spectacular music that speaks to the masses and actually makes an impact that these musical TV talent show stars rarely (if ever) have. In addition, these TV talent show winners who rarely achieve much success after they win these competitions. Not only do TV talent shows lessen the importance of persistent musicians creating original music, but the “winners” rarely achieve success. So, you might ask yourself, what is the point?

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Why musicians HATE TV talent shows

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