Wendy Day, the godmother of Hip Hop


Wendy Day Secrets To Music Business

If you don’t know you better ask somebody to ask their favorite artists who Wendy Day is. That is where your journey in hip hop will begin. You probably know names like Russell Simmons, Jay Z and Puffy but you can not talk about hip hop influencers without mentioning this iconic lady.

Wendy Day is a veteran of the music industry who has impacted the careers of many of your favorite rappers. This YouTube Channel was started so she could share information with you about achieving success in the music business and making money with your music.

I am so excited that she is on YouTube that I have access to her greatness!

Wendy posts on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 11am, and goes LIVE on Wednesday evenings at 7pm where she answers your questions about the industry. To have your questions considered, email Wendy Day at ThisIsWendyDay@gmail.com.

LEARN HOW TO #beiconic #nizzow

#beiconic is an online training program over six weeks that shows you how to transform your creativity into an actual career. It takes you by the hand through every practical and psychological step you need to build a lasting career that generates income from your talent and what you love to do.


The Texas Digital Music Conference #tdmc2017


If you want to know how to navigate the music industry in the digital age, the Texas Digital Music Conference is for you! This three-day conference will host top industry professionals for panels, showcases, networking and more. It all takes place in Houston, Texas.

If you are an artist, agent, label or digital technology company you have to be at TDMC. Visit the link below for more information. The Texas Digital Music Conference in Houston, Texas.

The conference will host over 10,000 people over three days at parties, networking events, showcases and workshops. Meet top music executives and consultants. Take part in our panels and exclusive artist showcases. Network with other labels, artists and musicians!

If you are serious about your career you have to be at TDMC Columbus Day Weekend 2017. October 6-8 Houston, Texas.

LIVE with Wendy Day #004 | Answering Your Questions Live


Email questions to me at ThisIsWendyDay@gmail.com during this week for next Wednesday!!

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Dj Scorpio & Wendy Day (Rap Coalition)

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Wendy Day, the godmother of Hip Hop

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