The top Female DJ’s and Dj Cuppy


Cuppy is a DJ, Music Producer and Songwriter. #cuppymusic

Born in Nigeria in 1992, Cuppy has always been a creative. She began playing the piano at a young age after which she ventured into producing and thereafter DJing. At 18, whilst attaining her Bachelors Degree at King’s College, she had already become a household name playing at London’s top nightclubs and industry events.

Award-winning DJ Cuppy has been privileged to DJ for an elite international set of crowd; she entertained global diplomats and international representatives with her turntable skills at the Financial Times Luxury Summit and was the official DJ for the Nigerian Presidential Inauguration. The announcement of Cuppy being the resident DJ at the 2014 MTV Africa Music Awards was a proud moment for Cuppy fans around the world.

Cuppy is a young entrepreneur, and is definitely one to look out for.

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Top 10 Hottest Female DJ in the world

Hottest Female DJ of 2015 or Top 10 Hottest Female DJ of 2015 or Top 10 Hottest Female DJs or Hottest Female DJ includes Mari Ferrari, Amely, Deborah De Luca, Juicy M, Rhiannon, Tenashar, Lisa Kensington, Ane Teri, Tamara Sky and Seherezade.

Top 10 GIRL Dj of the World 2016 | The Most Glamorous Female Djs

Australian musicians, record producers, composers, singers, songwriters, models and DJs better known by their stage name Nervo (styled NERVO).

2. Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton is an American businesswoman, socialite, television personality, model, actress, singer, DJ, and author. She is the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels.

3. Dj Niki Belucci
Niki Belucci is the symbol of beauty, charm, freedom, and energy. She started her career as a model, but soon became a DJ. She plays for best nightclubs of America, Dubai, and Thailand etc. She has so far given over 200 performances to worldwide music lovers.

4. Dj Miss FTV
International dj and producer which known as the unique project , based on the edge of high-tech
and fashion-industry, who is the first in the world female dj, who has toured with this custom
transparent touch screen DJ-panel, and for which her Futuristic show was recognized
as the “Innovation of the Year”

5. Dj Eva Shaw
Dutch Canadian born Eva Shaw, formerly known as Bambi, has rapidly made a name for herself this past year in the electronic dance scene.

6. Dj Mari Ferrari
Maria Roganova – Starting out in 2007. She’s been touring through over 50 countries around the world and was a special guest in many important events. She usually plays with some top notch nightclubs across the world.

7. Dj Viktoria Metzker
Best Hungarian DJ 2015 (Hungarian Dj Association Public Poll). Best Hungarian DJ 2014 TOP 3 (Hungarian Dj Association Public Poll)Hungarian Upcoming Dj 2009 (Hungarian Dj Association)

8.Dj Juicy M
Juicy M is electro and progressive house DJ and producer. She is best known for her videos on YouTube mixing with four CDJ players without using headphones.

9. Dj Sam Cooke
Aside from modelling during the day Sam was a DJ by night. Playing all over the world
from Miami to Ibiza. She then went on to be a part of mega brand Hedkandi as one of their
official DJ’s.

10. Dj Kellie Acreman Kellie Acreman has achieved a great deal of success as a DJ in a very short space of time. Her success was cemented in 2009 when she was declared the ‘World’s Sexiest DJ’ with acclaim and support from one of the world’s leading DJ’s, the infamous Judge Jules.


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The top Female DJ’s and Dj Cuppy

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