Start Making Music Industry Contacts Today


It’s no secret that often in the world music, it’s more about “who you know” than what you know. The industry generally favors pre-existing relationships, whether you are looking for a venue, a sponsor, a review on your new album, or a slot at SXSW. Like it or not, networking can often make or break an act.


How To Build A Buzz | Wendy Day Speaks On Building Your Career

Marketing is the overall image and awareness that is put forth by your brand as you advertise, promote, do interviews and basically spread the word about your music (which is your product). You need to know exactly who will buy your music, and tailor your marketing campaign to them. The best method to draw in fans is “word of mouth,” so therefore your goal should always be to spark positive conversation (word of mouth) about you and your music. Who Is Your Potential Fan … [ more at… ]

LEARN HOW TO #beiconic #nizzow

#beiconic is an online training program over six weeks that shows you how to transform your creativity into an actual career. It takes you by the hand through every practical and psychological step you need to build a lasting career that generates income from your talent and what you love to do.

Wendy Day on The Beginnings of the Cash Money Empire. The Untold Truth!!

For the full story about my career, you can read Dan Charnas’ THE BIG PAYBACK, or check out the VH1 series THE TANNING OF AMERICA which featured me in two of the four episodes–sorry, can’t remember which two, maybe #2 and #4? I can’t recall. Anyway, they are on YouTube and it’s a great 4 part series and you should watch the whole thing. If this is your chosen profession, you need to read and watch everything you can so you can learn and understand how this business works.

I hate talking about Cash Money but it’s the one question every interviewer wants to ask (and I understand why–it was an unprecedented deal). I’ve done so many amazing deals and it’s sad that the Cash Money deal over shadows them all.

Anyway, achieving success is easy. It’s just knowing what to do and applying yourself. If I can be successful in the music industry, so can you. Thanks for watching this Wendy Day interview with Jordan Tower!!

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Start Making Music Industry Contacts Today

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