Learn how to #beiconic in the music industry!



The step-by-step process I used to go from permanently broke “emerging musician” to a highly-paid singer-songwriter with my own record label, thousands of fans, and complete artistic freedom.

So. You’re a…

…Singer who’s been gigging your butt off, uploaded your music to Itunes, gone to industry events where you knew nobody, and prayed you’d be discovered. No luck yet.

…Fine artist who’s been knocking on gallery doors, sinking every penny into booths at crafts festivals, given Etsy a shot. And it all feels sad and desperate.

…Dancer or choreographer who works crazy hours putting on shows and hawking classes that no one shows up for. You’ve posted your best routines on youtube. When are you going to become that go-to, sought-after name who everyone wants to hire or learn from?

…Fashion designer, filmmaker, actor — you name it who’s been told time and again that it’s a tough business (code for “Don’t quit your day job, kid”). You laughed at that. Until you didn’t.


ikalos-be-iconicBe Iconic is an online training program over six weeks that shows you how to transform your creativity into an actual career. It takes you by the hand through every practical and psychological step you need to build a lasting career that generates income from your talent and what you love to do.

You’ll learn how to…

  • Unlock your inner icon, so self-doubt never drags you down again
  • Use social media effectively to build a raving fan base and automatically sell your product — no more spinning your wheels
  • Get momentum and results in just 90 days
  • Get investors, managers, agents, labels, galleries, and other “career makers” so excited, they’re scrambling to back you
  • Pinpoint your unique angle that sets you apart from the sea of sameys.

To find out more info click here…..

The Texas Digital Music Conference – Houston, Texas

Attention Musicians, singers and record labels

If you want to know how to navigate the music industry in the digital age, the Texas Digital Music Conference is for you! This three-day conference will host top industry professionals for panels, showcases, networking and more. It all takes place in Houston, Texas.

If you are an artist, agent, label or digital technology company you have to be at TDMC. Visit the link below for more information. The Texas Digital Music Conference in Houston, Texas.

The conference will host over 10,000 people over three days. Meet top music executives and consultants. Take part in our panels and exclusive artist showcases. Network with other labels, artists and musicians!

If you are serious about your career you have to be at TDMC. in Houston, Texas.

LEARN HOW TO #beiconic


Exclusive: DJ Premier’s Top 5 Hip-Hop Beef

Name your Top 5 Hip-Hop beefs

Large Professor Names Top 5 Producers of All Time, Stories of Working with Rakim + Breaks Down Album

Large Professor (born William Paul Mitchell on March 21, 1973 in Harlem, New York City, New York. United States[1]), also known as Large Pro and Extra P., is a New York City-based hip hop rapper and record producer. He is also best known as a founding member of the influential underground hip hop group Main Source, and as mentor and frequent collaborator of Nas.[2] About.com ranked Large Professor #5 on its Top 50 Hip-Hop Producers list.

AS A MAN THINKETH by James Allen – A must read for Entrepreneurs

PLEASE listen to this. No matter what your belief system is, it will be hard to disagree with the content. Learn how to #beiconic

Learn how to develop a growth mindset and overcome worry. What Iove about this book is it bases success on adding value and good character. James Allen like Earl Nightingale and others are that era wrote about building community, loving people, working hard and being a good corporate citizen.

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Learn how to #beiconic in the music industry!

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